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Soal Persiapan UAN Bahasa Inggris SMK Sumpah Pemuda 2010-2011

Choose A,B,C or D as the best answer !
1.  Have you heard the _____ news?
(A) last
(B) latest
(C) latter
(D) previous

2.  In summer George _____ plays tennis twice a week.
(A) usually
(B) ever
(C) often
(D) occasionally

3.  Do you know _____ foreign languages?
(A) some
(B) the
(C) any
(D) some of

4.  Did you know that the Bible _____ into 310 languages?
(A) being translated
(B) translated
(C) has been translated
(D) has translated

5.  If the weather _____ bad tomorrow, I won’t go to the beach.
(A) will
(B) will be
(C) is
(D) were

6.  I _____ my cousin for five years.
(A) don’t see
(B) saw not
(C) haven’t seen
(D) didn’t see

7.  Diana said that she ______ a house.
(A) bought
(B) will buy
(C) buy
(D) had bought

8.  He always puts _____ salt on his food.
(A) so much
(B) so many
(C) such much
(D) a lot of

9.  How much _____ to fly to London?
(A) it costs
(B) costs it
(C) does cost
(D) does it cost

10. I’m very busy at the moment. I _____ for my English exam.
(A) prepare
(B) have been preparing
(C) am preparing
(D) am going prepare

11. Olympia is one of _____ popular destinations for tourists in Greece.
(A) very
(B) most
(C) the most
(D) most of all

12. Is Ann _____ on holiday?
(A) while
(B) yet
(C) else
(D) still

13. If he _____ very well, his mother will be sad.
(A) wouldn’t study
(B) won’t study
(C) hadn’t study
(D) doesn’t study

14. When did you discover that your car _____?
(A) disappearing
(B) was disappeared
(C) had disappeared
(D) had been disappeared
15. My nephew Tom is very good _____ maths.
(A) for
(B) in
(C) at
(D) about

16. I ______ take my son to the doctor.
(A) have got to
(B) ought
(C) should to
(D) must to

17. It might rain. You’d better ______.
(A) take an umbrella
(B) to take an umbrella
(C) taking an umbrella
(D) to taking an umbrella

18. Which of you _____ to translate it for me?
(A) does want
(B) wants
(C) do want
(D) want

19. This time tomorrow _____ down the Champs-Elysees.
(A) I’ll walk
(B) I’ll be walking
(C) I’ll walking
(D) I walk

20. _____ you’ve given me!
(A) What the good advice
(B) What good advice
(C) What good advices
(D) What a good advice

21. Have you read any book _____ Mark Twain?
(A) from
(B) by
(C) since
(D) for

22.  I have played the violin ______ 1988.
(A) from
(B) about
(C) since
(D) for

23. We were talking about a friend of _____ whom we haven”t seen for years.
(A) us
(B) ours
(C) we
(D) our

24.  I’d like to know _____.
(A) where is my suitcase
(B) where it is my suitcase
(C) my suitcase is where
(D) where my suitcase is

25.  You have never been to Italy, ______?
(A) haven’t you
(B) have you
(C) isn’t it
(D) is it

By : Abdul Hair, S.Pd.

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